Chisel your name

The TEMPLVM Project is dedicated to construction of the first public Roman temples and altars since the times of classic antiquity and we need your help very much! One of the ways you can help - donate to our sacred cause! All and any donors’ names will be written in the Temple Book and mentioned in the yearly ritual on the Day of Dedication of the Temple regardless of the amount donated.
If you want your name to be commemorated on the sacred walls of the first temple of Iuppiter in the modern world you can have your name chiseled on a brass or a marble plaque and mounted on the outer surface of the temple walls.
The basic size of the plaques is 47,5 x 37,5 cm (18,7 x 14,7 in) but depending on your wish table can be made of smaller or bigger size.
You can donate on behalf of your own, your whole family or give this commemorative plaque as a gift to your friend!
Become the one to participate in construction of the very first Roman temple for the last 1600 years!