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Collegivm arae Castoris et Pollucis

This Collegium was founded by Adam Delderfield, it has an altar dedicated to Castor and Pollux.

The Collegium of Castor and Pollux is a devoted community centered around the veneration of the divine twins, Castor and Pollux, known as the Dioscuri, in Roman mythology. This collegium brings together individuals who share a deep admiration for the legendary brothers, honoring their bravery, protection, and benevolent influence through rituals, ceremonies, and the meticulous care of their sacred altar.

Castor and Pollux are renowned for their role as heroic figures, embodying qualities of valor, camaraderie, and safeguarding. The collegium members hold them in high esteem as patrons of those who seek protection during challenging times and who value the bonds of friendship and loyalty.

Through thoughtfully crafted rituals, the Collegium of Castor and Pollux pays homage to these divine twins. They offer prayers, gifts, and symbols of unity that reflect the essence of Castor and Pollux as guardians of the vulnerable and sources of inspiration for those striving for courage and solidarity. The altar dedicated to the Dioscuri is adorned with items that evoke their attributes, such as symbols of horsemanship, helmets, and depictions of twin brothers in heroic poses.

The Founder and the Head of this College

Описание изображения

Beyond their worship, the collegium serves as a community of individuals who share a profound respect for brotherhood, courage, and protection. By coming together to honor Castor and Pollux, they seek to cultivate these virtues in their own lives and foster a sense of unity and kinship among their fellow members.

As stewards of Castor and Pollux's altar, the Collegium of Castor and Pollux takes on the responsibility of upholding their legacy and values. Their dedication to the Dioscuri inspires a sense of bravery, loyalty, and support for one another. Through their collective efforts, they celebrate the enduring impact of Castor and Pollux's myth and honor their roles as celestial protectors and paragons of brotherly love.


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