Описание изображения

Collegivm arae Fortvnae

This Collegium was founded by Ray De Rise on 10/31/2017, it has a marble altar dedicated to Fortuna.

The Collegium of Fortuna is a devoted assembly dedicated to honoring the goddess Fortuna and upholding her revered altar. Within this sacred fellowship, ancient rituals and modern devotion converge to honor the goddess of luck, fate, and destiny.

As a member of the Collegium of Fortuna, you will become an integral part of a community that celebrates the profound influence of Fortuna in every aspect of life. Through intricate ceremonies, meaningful offerings, and shared practices, you'll connect with the essence of Fortuna and the timeless wisdom she imparts.

The Founder and the Head of this College

Описание изображения

Fortuna's enigmatic presence infuses your journey with a renewed sense of hope, gratitude, and serenity. By nurturing a deeper understanding of her teachings, you'll navigate the ebb and flow of life's uncertainties with grace and resilience.


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