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Collegivm arae Minervae

This Collegium was founded by Marcus Corvus and Melissa Gold on 6/13/2016, it has a limestone altar dedicated to Minerva.

The Collegium of Minerva is a devoted community united by their deep reverence for the goddess Minerva, a symbol of wisdom, knowledge, and craftsmanship in Roman mythology. Comprising individuals who share a passion for learning and creativity, this collegium is dedicated to honoring Minerva through rituals, ceremonies, and the meticulous maintenance of her sacred altar.

Minerva, often depicted as a goddess of great wisdom, arts, and strategy, holds a special place in the hearts of collegium members. They gather to celebrate her attributes and seek her guidance in matters related to intellect, education, and creativity. The collegium serves as a haven for those who value the pursuit of knowledge and appreciate the significance of innovation in both personal and societal realms.

Through carefully curated ceremonies, the members of the Collegium of Minerva pay homage to their patron goddess. They offer gifts, recite prayers, and partake in rituals that reflect Minerva's qualities as a protector of scholars, artists, and those who seek to elevate their skills. The altar dedicated to Minerva is adorned with offerings that embody her attributes, such as books, tools, and symbols of artistic expression.

The Founder and the Head of this College

Описание изображенияОписание изображения

Beyond worship, the collegium acts as a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share insights, exchange ideas, and foster intellectual growth. By coming together to celebrate Minerva's legacy, they draw inspiration from her example and strive to embody her wisdom, creativity, and strategic thinking in their daily lives.

As custodians of Minerva's altar, the Collegium of Minerva takes on the responsibility of preserving her memory and teachings. Their devotion to her encourages a lifelong pursuit of knowledge, the cultivation of artistic talents, and the pursuit of intellectual excellence. Through their collective efforts, they pay homage to Minerva and honor her enduring influence on wisdom and enlightenment.


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