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Collegivm arae Solis Invicti

This Collegium was founded by George Lichty on 3/18/2018, it has an altar dedicated to Sol Invictus.

The Collegium of Sol Invictus is a devoted assembly united by their reverence for the mighty god Sol Invictus and their commitment to maintaining his revered altar. Within this sacred fellowship, ancient practices blend seamlessly with modern devotion to honor the invincible sun god.

As a member of the Collegium of Sol Invictus, you'll find yourself embraced by a community that celebrates the radiant power of the sun and its significance in our lives. Through intricate rituals, meaningful offerings, and shared traditions, you'll forge a profound connection with Sol Invictus and the wisdom he bestows.

The Founder and the Head of this College

The presence of Sol Invictus infuses your journey with vitality, illumination, and renewal. By cultivating a deeper connection to his teachings, you'll navigate life's challenges with resilience and bask in the warmth of his benevolent energy.


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