Описание изображения

Collegivm arae Veneris

This Collegium was founded by Brandon McCluskey on 4/20/2018, it has a limestone altar dedicated to Venus.

The Collegium of Venus is a cherished community bound together by their devotion to the goddess of love, beauty, and desire. Within this sacred fellowship, ancient reverence converges with modern adoration, honoring the divine essence of Venus.

As a member of the Collegium of Venus, you will immerse yourself in the realm of love's enchantment and embrace the profound teachings of the goddess. Through meaningful rituals, heartfelt offerings, and shared celebrations, you will forge a deep connection with Venus and her transformative energy.

The presence of Venus infuses every aspect of your life with an exquisite elegance and a heightened appreciation for love in all its forms. By nurturing your connection with her, you'll cultivate a deeper sense of self-love, compassion, and harmony in your relationships.

The Founder and the Head of this College

Описание изображения

Joining the Collegium of Venus means becoming a part of a vibrant community of kindred souls who share a profound appreciation for the goddess's influence. By aligning yourself with this collegium, you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery, guided by the principles of beauty, love, and connection that Venus embodies.


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