History, Vision and Goals

The history of the TEMPLVM Project had stared when our community was a part of one of organizations that claimed to be a new Rome. There was one topic among many more or less interesting discussions that drew our attention to it – ager publicus (a public land). At the moment when we joined the discussion it was already years-long and rather fruitless talking. Obviously it is of utmost importance for any community claiming to be a follower of the Religio to have a parcel of public land at least to be able to conduct there its sacred rites and raise its altars. And we decided – we are a civitas, we need a sacred space for the Gods and Goddesses to be able to come and bless us with Their presence.

So we just found a parcel and bought it.
Then we defined, inaugurated and consecrated the small ground of about 3×3 m (10×10 ft) and raised there the first modern altar to Iuppiter. Because – Ab Iove principium!
We started performing the regular rites to Iuppiter and soon decided that the altar is a good beginning, but there must be a temple. So we invited Pontifex Cn. Cornelius Lentulus from the NR Inc. for our regular Feriae Sarmatarum. Pontifex Lentulus had made M. Lucretius Agricola an Augur and together we defined, inaugurated and consecrated the new, wider templum, broke the ground and placed the first stone in the foundation of the future temple of Iuppiter The templum now was 6×12 m (20×40 ft). The three of us – T. Iunius Brutus, Ap. Furius Lupus and M. Octavius Corvus had brought a Votum – a sacred promise to the Gods and Goddesses to raise altars, build temples and create the civitates for the glory of Immortals. And we just couldn’t miss such an opportunity – like having a Pontiff and an Augur in one place and we conducted 3 Roman confarreatio weddings at a time!
The next year the construction had begun. We heartily thank to people who believed in us after seeing just a photo of a tractor digging the ground and donated first money to help us build the temple. The list of those noble Romans can be found here.
According the Votum Sarmatarum we had 9 years to complete the construction of the first temple to Iuppiter, but we thought to ourselves – what the heck! – the longer we build the longer we keep ourselves from starting the direct and full-scale communication with the Gods! And we decided to speed up!
So, this year – MMDCCLXX or 2017, 7 years since the bringing of the Votum we are going to dedicate the very first public Roman temple since almost 1600 years. And this will be a temple to Iuppiter – the Father of the mankind and supreme protector of the Roman people. But after dedication of the Aedes Iovis the work will just begin! Within the next 11 years we are going to build the whole complex with the temples of Vesta and Ianus and a lot of altars to different Gods and Goddesses of Rome. So, soon we, modern day Romans from all over the world, will have our sacred space to honor our Immortal patrons.
The TEMPLVM is located on a private property, so it is guarded 24/7. The TEMPLVM is strictly religious place so there is no need to share it with uninvited visitors like you have to in museums or public parks. Although most of the TEMPLVM is open for educational excursions after preliminary reservation.
The TEMPLVM will be open for any and all of you, our fellow Romans! The only condition for entering the sacred ground will be respect for Roman Gods and Goddesses, Roman virtues and Roman culture. Our pontifex, augur and sacerdotes are ready to help you to perform different kinds of rites in our TEMPLVM – the only specifically determined, inaugurated and dedicated sacred place in the world to serve any good Roman on the Earth!

We hope to see you soon in our common TEMPLVM!


2762 AVC (2009) Dedication of the first templum and raising of the Ara Iovis.

A small templum 3×3 m was inaugurated and dedicated on the private property for placing the first altar of Iuppiter since classical antiquity. Since then our community obtained the templum inaugurated and dedicated according to the ancient establishments, ready to serve as a physical sacred space dedicated to the Immortal Iuppiter. And the whole world had got a starting point for our ancient Tradition to start spreading all over the globe.

2763 AVC (2010) Dedication of the bigger templum and groundbreaking for the temple of Iuppiter.

Augur M. Lucretius Agricola was inaugurated by the pontifex Cn. Cornelius Lentulus in our templum. He inaugurated and dedicated a bigger templum (8×16 m) for the construction of the temple of Iuppiter Perunus. Groundbreaking ceremony was held.
The Votum Sarmatarum was brought by M. Octavius Corvus, T. Iunius Brutus and Ap. Furius Lupus.

2764 AVC (2011) Construction of the very first public Roman temple since classical antiquity had begun.

The planning was made and the foundation laid. The first step in construction works was made.

2770 AVC (2017) NOW

The construction works are almost done. Decoration still gives us a plenty of room for our fantasy and a test to our financial abilities.
The templum will be widened to the size of 12×24 m. The first rite of Suovetaurilia since the fall of Rome will be performed.
For now we had in our templum: 3 weddings, more than 150 rites of the sacra publica performed, 3 local communities created. The dedication of the temple of Iuppiter is set for Agust 6, 2017.

2771 AVC (2018) We want the next set of the altars be raised.

For some of them we will inaugurate the other small templum of the size 3×9 m outside the pomoerium of our colonia Alba Sarmata.
Our next step in commemorating of the Immortal Gods and Goddesses is raising of the altars for Minerva, Iuno, Mars and Quirinus. Further decorations works will be done for the temple of Iuppiter.

2772 AVC (2019) Victoria is coming back to Rome.

The altars of Goddesses Victoria and Concordia will be restored. Ubi Concordia ibi Victoria.

2773 AVC (2020) Next set of altars will be built.

Honor, Fortuna, Mens Bona, Fides, Virtus will again obtain Their sacred places.

2774 AVC (2021) Next set of altars will be built.

Altars of Hercules, Castor&Pollux, Venus, Saturnus and Vulcanus will be raised.

2775 AVC (2022) Vesta and Ianus are coming back to Rome.

The templum will be extended to 32 m long and construction of the temples fo Vesta and Ianus will start.

2081 AVC (2028)

Dedication of the temples of Vesta and Ianus will be held.

2082 AVC (2029) Great temple of Iuppiter Capitolinus.

Purchasing of the land lot defined by the augurs. Inauguration and dedication of the new (third) templum of the size 100×100 m. Ground breaking for the Great Temple of Iuppiter Capitolinus. Start of construction.

2090 AVC (2037) Dedication of the Great Temple of Iuppiter Capitolinus.

Our plans are not fixed. If you feel like you wish to help us to speed up and bring the sacred space to your favorite Deity you can become an Ambassador, donate or even create your own collegium for raising the altar to your guiding God or Goddess!

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