The History of TEMPLVM

The History Of TEMPLVM

The history of the TEMPLUM Project started initially as Collegium ProDiis of Nova Roma organization. There was one topic among many interesting discussions on the Nova Roma forum that drew our attention to it – ager publicus (a public land). It is of utmost importance for any community claiming to be a follower of the Religio to have a parcel of consecrated land at least to be able to conduct there its sacred rites and erect its altars. And we decided – we are a civitas, we need a sacred space for the Gods and Goddesses to be able to come and bless us with Their presence.
So we just found a parcel and bought it.

Then we defined, inaugurated, and consecrated the small ground of about 10 by 10 feet and erected the first modern altar to Iuppiter there. Because – Ab Iove principium!

We started performing regular rites to Iuppiter and soon decided that the altar was a good beginning, but there must be a temple. So we invited Pontifex Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus from Nova Roma for our regular Feriae Sarmatarum - the Sarmatian Festival. Pontifex Lentulus had made Marcus Lucretius Agricola an Augur and together we defined, inaugurated, and consecrated the new, wider templum, broke the ground, and placed the first stone in the foundation of the future Temple of Iuppiter. The templum was 20 by 40 feet now. The three of us – Titus Iunius Brutus, Appius Furius Lupus, and Marcus Octavius Corvus had brought a Votum Sarmatarum – a sacred promise to the Gods and Goddesses to raise altars, build temples, and create civitates - communities - for the glory of Immortals.
And we just couldn’t miss such an opportunity – like having a Pontifex and an Augur in one place and we conducted 3 Roman confarreatio weddings at a time!

The next year the construction began. We heartily thank people who believed in us after seeing just a photo of a tractor digging the ground and donated the first money to help us build the temple. Their names are mentioned during the yearly festival of the Temple dedication on September 9. Although we never knew most of these people in person, this tradition will be kept as long as the Temple exists. We do hope this was the most effective investment in their lives! The list of those noble Romans can be found on our website -

According to the Votum Sarmatarum, we had 9 years to complete the construction of the first Temple to Iuppiter, but we thought to ourselves – what the heck! – the longer we build the longer we keep ourselves from starting the direct and full-scale communication with the Gods! And we decided to speed up!

So, in 2017, 7 years after the bringing of the Sarmatian Votum we dedicated the very first public Roman Temple for almost sixteen hundred years. This was the Temple to Iuppiter – the Father of humankind and supreme protector of the Roman people. But after the dedication of the Aedes Iovis - the Temple of Iuppiter, the work had just begun!

When we started writing this article 37 altars were standing on the first templum - the sacred ground. Since then we erected 50 altars in 3 templa now, and this number is growing constantly. Several altars, made from concrete initially, were later replaced with beautiful limestone ones. The altar to Goddess Fortuna was replaced with the marble one!

We built the whole religious complex with the shrines of Vesta and Ianus and a lot of altars to different Gods and Goddesses of Rome. So, now we, modern-day Romans from all over the world, will have our sacred space to honor our Immortal patrons.

We also launched another serious project - VRBS - the City. It is the real-life Roman settlement located some 3 miles away from the first templum. Currently, we have 11 citizens, and although the Russian invasion has made us put this project on pause, we will continue it right after the end of this war. VRBS is adjacent to the Templum Magnum - the huge sacred ground which will contain hundreds of altars and a dozen of real Roman temples open to the public. The hotel complex - Villa Publica, and the conference center - Curia will be available for visitors and guests. The huge Temple to Iuppiter Capitolinus of the size and design of the ancient Capitoline Temple will become the central part of this magnificent complex no later than 2037.

Our templa are located on private property, so it is guarded 24/7. TEMPLVM is strictly a religious place so there is no need to share it with uninvited visitors like one has to in museums or public parks.
Although most of the TEMPLVM is open for educational excursions after preliminary reservation.

TEMPLVM is open for all of you, our fellow Romans! The only condition for entering the sacred ground will be respect for Roman Gods and Goddesses, Roman virtues, and Roman culture.

Our Pontifex, Augur, and sacerdotes - priests - are ready to help you perform different kinds of rites in our TEMPLVM – the only specifically determined, inaugurated, and dedicated sacred place in the world to serve any good Roman on Earth!

It is almost impossible to believe, but 2022 brought us another great opportunity - in October the first templum in the Western hemisphere was inaugurated and dedicated to Goddess Iuno! Now the Toronto Templum is waiting for cultors and visitors of North America!

And even more - since the first templum in Canada is relatively small and has limits for its development we are determined to find and purchase the land plot in the USA or Canada to establish the permanent public templum for cultores in North America already in 2024.

The involvement of local communities and individual cultors will be a decisive factor, so everyone interested please contact Appia Flavia, the Supreme Priestess of Iuno, and come to perform the common rituals in the first properly inaugurated and dedicated sacred ground in North America!

We hope to see you soon in our common Templum!

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