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So What Is TEMPLVM?..

Salute omnes! Welcome, everyone! I am Corvus, one of the founders of the TEMPLVM project and I want to tell you more about our cause. So what is TEMPLVM? To answer this question I will give you a brief description of the situation we found ourselves in back in 2009 when we already followed the Roman Tradition, and questions started to arise. As you probably know Roman religion consists of sacra privata and sacra publica. While private worship constitutes the majority of the rituals that the average follower of the Roman Tradition performs in his or her life, the importance of public, collective worship should not be underestimated. Teamwork in daily life, in collective defense, and in worshiping the Immortals was and should remain the core component of the Roman Tradition. The effectiveness of such an approach was proved by the historical example of the Roman people and their State. I truly believe this is one of the main reasons why we, modern-day Romans, made our choice in favor of the Roman Tradition, not the other forms of Polytheism, which are available in the modern world by dozens.

To practice one’s religion, or rather one’s Tradition, to worship one’s Gods and Goddesses one needs a place. And while private worship has no such strict demands for the place where you perform your rituals, sacra publica has clear descriptions of the procedures that have to be performed before the previously defined land lot will become a sacred ground. A templum. And since those procedures are very demanding there was no such a place on the face of this planet for a practitioner of the Roman Tradition to go and perform his or her rituals. People tried to find a solution by performing their rituals virtually, in open-air museums, by the ruins of the old temples, or by modern buildings that looked like ancient temples. None of the above options is a valid solution. Virtual practice produces virtual consequences, I hope this is clear. One can not keep open-air museums and ruined temples ritually pure, it is impossible, and in the case of the latter, one has ritually desecrated places, which are profaned and where worship cannot take place.

Templum, whether it is a sacred ground or a building, to be correctly created, according to ancient sources, has to pass through several ceremonies and rituals. This is why the buildings that resemble ancient temples, even beautiful ones, remain ritually impure, cannot be named temples, and are not a good choice for performing rituals. If your goal is to re-establish your connection with the Immortals once lost by our spiritual and physical ancestors. I know many sad examples from my lifelong Polytheistic path, when people took the basic rules of our Tradition too lightly and irresponsibly, had their health lost, their lives destroyed, and their relations with the Gods and Goddesses ruined. They got ira instead of Pax Deorum. Wrath of the Immortals instead of Peace with Them.
And that was the reason why we, the founders of TEMPLVM, decided to solve this problem and create a sacred space for all cultores of the world.

We carefully studied the sources, restored the procedures, and followed them, no matter how hard it was, to follow the ancient requirements. I hope we succeeded in this task. At least I am taking the benevolence with which the Immortals treat us all this time as a sure sign that the path we follow, is right.
Today it’s 13 years since the first tiny templum and the first altar to Iuppiter in the modern world were established. Since then the boundaries of the sacred ground – the territory of fas, the sacred law, expanded many times. In 2010 the ritual of the inauguration of the territory and groundbreaking ceremony for the first public Temple to Iuppiter in the modern world was performed by the clergy of Nova Roma. Augur M. Lucretius Agricola and Pontifex C. Cornelius Lentulus performed the rituals. In 2017 the Temple to Iuppiter was dedicated. Following our votum, brought by three founders back in 2010, we erected the first altar to Minerva, and later, supported by cultores from 26 countries around the globe, more than 50 collegia – fellowships, dedicated to the restoration of cults of different Gods and Goddesses and erection of Their altars were established. We have a special thanks to Raymond De Rise, from the USA, who became the first person to trust us. Since then he founded 5 altars 4 of which are already erected. The first marble altar to Fortuna created in the last 1600 years was established by this noble Roman! I do hope Goddess Fortuna and other Deities will bounteously repay Their loyal devotee for his piety.
Among pillars of our sacred cause, I would like to mention and heartily thank Marcus Vinicius Chlotharius and Canis Latrans, founders of the collegia of Iuno and Sancus respectively, patrons for many other collegia and the erection of the Temple to Iuppiter! Your dedication shines brightly in the eyes of the Immortals, I have not the slightest doubt of it! Being a Polytheist in our reality is not always simple, so many people prefer their legal names never to be mentioned in public. That is why I named only a few of our patrons and most of them – by their traditional Polytheistic names.

Our humble gratitude is nothing compared to the benevolence of the Gods and Goddesses which, I believe, They will shed on you all, our dear donors and patrons. Your names at the altars and the walls of the first Temple to Iuppiter built in the last 1600 years will remain there forever. That is the main promise TEMPLVM gives you. Hundreds of years later, when Roman Tradition will return the glory of the Eternal City and Her Gods and Goddesses, kids in the schools will be learning your names and everyone will know them by memory. You are the foundation upon which the Roman Tradition will be restored across this planet!

Twelve years ago we laid the foundation of the lone altar in the backyard of a private house. Now, if you visit TEMPLVM, you will see a temple to Iuppiter standing proudly over the Ara Iovis Magna and more than 50 altars, established and supported by cultores from different parts of our world. TEMPLVM clergy carries its duties with maximum responsibility, performing now more than 250 rituals every month upon request of our members, patrons, and followers of Religio Romana from 28 countries. And that is not the end. In 2020 we launched the final, the most ambitious part of our plan – the creation of the new, huge temple complex, that will contain the Temple of Iuppiter Optimus Maximus of the same size and design as the original Temple of Iuppiter on the Capitoline hill. The magnificent Aedes Iovis will be surrounded by multiple temples and hundreds of altars to the Gods and Goddesses of Rome. Beneath this Templum Magnum will be located the real-life Roman settlement with a residential area, farms, open-air museums, a Roman military fort, and all the infrastructure needed. This project was named VRBS.
Our plans, with the benevolence of the Immortals, never remain on paper. Facta, non verba! Deeds, not words! Our settlement now has 13 citizens from Ukraine, the Czech Republic, the USA, the UK. Marcus Horatius Agricola from the UK has visited us several times already, and Marca Hortensia Maior Fabiana Faustina – the first colonist from abroad arrived two years ago for permanent residency here! One of the first decisions of our local Senate was establishing the special tax for all the new citizens of VRBS arriving here – a bottle of good wine for Faustina to pay her back for her piety and bravery. I hope her courageous step, worth of Aeneas, will be duly appreciated by the Immortals and us, cives of VRBS.

Rome was not built in a day. Neither was it built by a single person. It was a teamwork. We, in TEMPLVM, do believe that the great historical experiment, based on Pax Deorum, a collective contract between the Immortals, and wise, pious people, is worth being repeated. It will bring happiness to individual human beings and peace to the world.
If you agree, if you think what we do is good – don’t stand aside – join up and support us!
The perfect time to start your own path towards the Immortals is right now. Don’t wait. Don’t try to find a better moment. Some people say that since Ukraine is at war now, it’s not the time and the place to start. I totally disagree – what we achieved, including the erection of the Temple of Iuppiter, was done in the situation of a threatened invasion which we have been living under for the last 8 years. Wars start and end, but our duties to Gods and Goddesses cannot be halted or postponed! It’s not peace that allows us to worship the Immortals. It’s our unconditional piety that gives us peace, prosperity, and happiness. Romans of the past knew that. I think it is wise to follow their example.

And remember – tam felix quam pia – happiness dwells where pious people live! Optime valete! Di Immortales incolumem vos custodiant! Be well! Let the Immortals keep you safe!

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